Goals 🌎

  • goal tells you where you’re going tomorrow
  • system tells you what to do today

1. Why you need goals

Every time I read about people who claim you shouldn’t set goals, I get upset. It’s possibly the worst advice one could receive.

When someone is telling you not to set goals, they are essentially saying you should stop moving forward.

Goals are inherent to human nature. We thrive on progress. We need something to strive for. If we don’t have a vision of what our future could look like, why would we do anything at all?

It’s the classic question that philosophers and scientists have examined since the start of modern civilization. Over and over again, we’ve learned that we need goals to grow.

. Why you need systems

Systems have different meanings to people. For example, Scott Adams, the author of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, did a great job explaining how systems work for him. He doesn’t set goals and only has systems. That’s not how I look at it.

Once we set goals, we know that we have to put in the work to achieve them. That’s when systems come into play.

It comes down to this: What do I need to do EVERY DAY to achieve the goals I desire?

Let’s say you want to become financially independent by age 50. You might think:

  • I need to save at least 30% of my income
  • I need to increase my income yearly
  • I need to be mentally strong so that I can do my job
  • I need to be in good shape, so I don’t get ill and have high energy
  • I need to learn every day, so I get better at my job
  • I need to look at my goals every day to remind myself of where I’m going
  • I need to reflect on the past to learn and be grateful for where I am

Alright, congratulations. You have created a system. When you do the above things, you will make progress, no matter what.

One thing we must be aware of is that we keep an open mind: Goals and systems change all the time. Don’t fixate on one thing for a long time. Change your goals and systems as your priorities change.

3. Why you need higher goals

We’ve established that we need both goals and systems to live a good life. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past few years.

Set higher goals!

No, you don’t need to make 10 million bucks. That’s just your superficial brain speaking for you.

Set the bar higher for yourself.

  • Become the best at your job.
  • Become stronger, fitter, and smarter than ever
  • Have divine relationships

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