We are just friends ❤

“Distance friendship come Relationships”

They are just too much to handle.. actually they are quite interesting you have always a new topic to fight on. The main element in every relationship is trust. It is easy to trust when a person is in front of you, when you can keep a watch on the activity of your partner and when you can observe that person on your own. But when it comes to distance relationship it’s like walking on a sharp edged sword. You are 24×7 wearing a blindfold and walking on a narrow road with dungeon on both sides. If a single glitch enters than it becomes even more challenging. Sometimes after one bad experience a perpetual fear develops that this distance might bring that person close to someone’s else physical presence. And this fear always maintains a constant cold war between the two hearts. The best part of these wars is that they always end on a good note by increasing the love between them. Every fight gives them reason to love each other more and more. The justifications reassure them that they are still madly in love with each other. They never leave each other even after all these incessantly occurring fights thus making their bond more and more strong. They cross all the hurdles together as in these relationships there are thousands of people who are ready to stand as a hurdle between them. At times these wars are just for fun because you want to hear those loving words from your partner, you want him to pamper you, to caress you, to shower his ceaseless love…..

Just i still love you from the bottm of my heart.. bottem

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