Vicky hicky…

I scored just passing marks in English (37/100) in 12th and hardly managed to pass overall. Before that I couldn’t complete my engineering too and was labeled as a failure. Presently I am the working with Biggest 5 star Hotel in Mumbai wth having Degree from top central govt. Institute as well as doing post graduation from Top college In Mumbai Ruia. Also good in French and german And I am a writer of 1 my own book and script writer at WorldPress.still having 9 job opportunities over the world . So I think I haven’t done yet … i am still 0 … OK 🙂 now m travilung

This was all chutiyapa happens wth one n nly guy… like me… u knw na me …

So come to the point … i was scared about to die in live witht you .. by blessing to each others ….

So clearly i say ki how much i get it frm you ..and how much i awaited for ui… so its was an just an memorial experience happn without you … so became u daddy is nt nly ..its nt happpn … bcs finally i at home… aftr long time a ago… and now include the gorges apart from

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