The blessings of god

for you and me

its all I do

pray god and love you

But you could never understand me, my feelings and thoughts

coz you were always within yourself and thought about me never

I m alive but without you

in your absence,

I live my past

and small glimpse of those moments

fills my eyes with tears

I remember those moments

when we were happy

but now those are only

glimpse of memories

I hope for all those

beautiful moments

to come back

again into our life

but all in vain,

I know my dream will not be successful

and I will be in alonity

time and again

Now I am alone

without you

and in your presence you are never with me

I m alone and now I have to accept it

and fill my life with this never ending alonity

with alonity and more alonity

now I have to make it my best fren

and life time company

which fills my every moment

with darkness

and only darkness

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